8 Tips to navigate through the Lion’s Gate Portal with ease

Lion's Gate Portal

The Lion’s Gate Portal or 88-portal is an energy portal that allows you to quantum shift into higher realms or dimensions. Its pinnacle is on August 8, marking a significant cosmic event when the sun in Leo, the earth, the constellation Orion’s Belt and Sirius (our spiritual sun) are aligned.

This great cosmic event brings a massive stream of energy flow into the earthly realms where powerful energy transfers of light codes will occur to activate your lightbody. It will shift your focus to what truly counts – your soul’s mission on earth!

The more dense energy you have already cleared from your body, the lighter you will feel as you pass through this influential energy portal. But even if you have never done any inner work – when obstacles come your way during the lion’s gate activations, it will be an opportunity for you to clear the path to higher dimensions.

The deep struggles or heavy emotions you are feeling right now are being presented to you because you need to let them go. You cannot move into a higher frequency or a different reality while carrying low density energy with you from past events.

All dense energy must be released and with the following tips you will be able to release it and navigate through the Lion’s Gate Portal with greater ease.

Lion's gate portal
1. Sunbathe like a lion

Absorb as much sunlight as possible through your face and body, this activates your inner light, even when it’s cloudy! The inflowing energy from the sun and from our spiritual sun Sirius is so strong that clouds won’t be able to block it.

2. Rest like a lion

Take time to rest physically and mentally. A rested vessel can take in energy much better. The more you rest, the more light codes you will be able to receive.

3. Roar like a lion

You can release stuck feelings by roaring or screaming loudly!

Find a safe place to do this and make sure you don’t disturb others or project these feelings onto others.

4. Make love like a lioness..

Did you know when a lioness is in heat and looking to mate, she calls all the shots! She decides when, where and how often mating will take place.

Of course you don’t have to do exactly that, but making sacred love with your divine counterpart during the lion’s gate portal will activate and connect both of your heart chakras.

5. Connect with the element of fire

Leo is a fire sign. By connecting with the fire element you practically invite the light to flow into you.

You can do this by lighting some candles, making a bonfire or lighting a fireplace. Meditate on the fire and feel how the warmth wraps you like a blanket.

6. Eat warm and nutritious foods

Freshly cooked hot meals will keep your agni or inner fire ignited. Your body won’t have to work hard to digest food and the incoming light codes will penetrate your body without disturbing your stomach.

7. Move or shake your body

Movements or shaking your body helps you to unstick low dense energy. After releasing this dense energy, you will feel more open to receive the stream of energy coming through the powerful Lion’s Gate Portal.

8. Take deep breaths

Deep breathing practices relax your body and mind and help you clear blocked energies. By releasing these energetic blockages you create space that wants to be filled with light codes!

Also.. breathe air into your solar plexus to ignite your inner fire!

Lion’s Gate Portal Blessings

I hope you experience the blessings of this Lion’s Gate activation. Let it connect you to the timeline of love and bliss.

See you on the other side Beloved Soul.๐Ÿฆ

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