Hi, I am Preshanna!

For over thirteen years I have been practicing many ancient and modern techniques to heal the body, mind, heart and soul. Born from a lineage of shamans and nature witches, I have known from the age of four that my purpose is to assist in the Ascension of our sacred Mother Earth and her children.

Incarnated as a medicine woman and priestess of the new earth paradigm, I started this blog with channeled messages to support many souls in fulfilling their soul’s mission on earth. These messages will help humanity to align to the bliss frequency of Love and Light and raise the collective vibration.

My grandfather, who crossed the earthly realms years ago, and whom I saw as a devoted shaman and wise man, taught me about true spirituality. When I was a little girl, he often passed on his acquired wisdom to me. He told me a lot about natural healing, somatic practices, energy healing, prayer, homegrown food and massage. Even now that he is no longer with us in the physical world, he still connects to me through higher realms to show me his love and support.

Because of my deep sensitivity, I have always struggled to live and work in the everyday world. Having experienced many hardships over the years, I can now see that living in this world of injustice and cruelty had to be a part of my life. It has given me a thorough understanding of what it means for any sensitive or empathetic soul to live within the ‘system’ created on this planet.

I can empathize much better with most people when they’ve been through something bad. Often unknown people can sense this and regularly tell me their life story out of the blue. Helping someone on their self-healing journey allows me to understand on deeper levels how they are feeling and how to help someone get to the root of their pain for the release of that energy.

Thirteen years ago I began my own journey toward wholeness. Since then, practicing techniques to heal and activate my chakras and kundalini, reclaim my womb health and connect with my core and Higher Self became a daily ritual. Seeing how it completely changed my life for the better was the reason I kept doing these exercises. It has become a big part of my life and brings me an immense sense of bliss.

When the opportunity arose to start a training in massage and healing therapy, I grabbed it with both hands and almost immediately opened my own massage and healing practice in 2012. This was a very fulfilling time for me, as the souls who came into my practice always rejoiced when they were touched by the healing energy of Divine Light.

In February 2020 I was called from within to deepen my service and in 2022 I had to stop completely with massage therapy because it became physically too hard for myself. I feel called to share the Divine wisdom that flows through me and serve the collective after practicing many healing cacao ceremonies, shadow work, womb healing, light-embodiment and somatic- and energy healing. I have already done more than a hundred ceremonies where Mother Cacao leads me into the healing frequency and activates my Lightbody.

Many of the techniques I use and all messages I post here or on the IG are channeled through my activated chakra system. If you like to know more about me and the work I like to share, I’d be honored to connect with you on the IG!

Much love and blessings,