Well, how many of you have noticed that those from the Eastern hemisphere of the globe are relatively much slimmer than those in the West? There is a secret! Are you aware of spiritual secrets to weight loss?  

Spiritual Weight loss in the Far East

In the Far East, food is prepared to nurture not only the body but the spirit as well! The food is prepared in a relaxed manner and eaten

spiritual weight loss
spiritual weight loss

mindfully. Most people in the East never rush while making or eating food. You should take pleasure in your food almost in a sensual way. Sensual eating does a great job of connecting your body to the mind and the mind to the spirit. There are many spiritual weight loss books that have deep information about such facts.  

Whatever is done in a mindless manner creates some sort of disconnection. Eating while working, driving, watching television, and chatting is mindless eating. Well, it is quite easy to do. However, it is a habit that results in poor digestion as well as leads to consume more calories through overeating. It comes as no surprise to figure out that fast food was in fact designed to be consumed mindlessly. There are many spiritual weight loss programs that work on this principle.  

The human brain is sensitive to the various chemical changes in the body and hence weight loss spiritual is possible. It relies on different sensory signals to act. When you are eating mindlessly, you are too distracted and the brain doesn’t receive the full message; hence, it may not release particular hormones that are needed to let you know that you are satisfied. Having a feeling that you are still hungry puts you at the risk of overeating and eventually gaining excess weight.

Overeating coupled with consuming the wrong type of foods results in a cycle of everlasting weight gain. It is time you understand the fact that you are not going to starve if you take a small break from food. Provided the mere thought of not snacking, skipping a meal or fasting makes you feel uncomfortable; this simple lack of discipline might create a huge setback on your path towards permanent weight loss and good health.

Rather than focusing on not eating, try to take a stroll in nature for spiritual cleansing and spiritual detox. Use meditation exercises to breathe slowly, clear your mind of unwanted thoughts and obtain a fresh perspective. In fact, it is during these times that revelations seek us. All you need to do is practice being mindful. Plus, learn to break the habit of being mentally attached to consuming food more frequently. Try to practice eating less amount of food. However, eat natural and nutritious food instead of packaged and junk food.

Eating is something like a sacred ceremony. You must nurture your spirit with each and every opportunity your take to nourish and appreciate yourself with high quality and healthy food. You don’t have to belong to the Far East to be slimmer; all you need to lose weight spiritually is practice a little amount of mindfulness daily.  

Practice mindful eating and relish every bite of nutrition you take to nurture your mind, body and soul. Eventually, you will witness that you are losing weight in an amazing manner!


Spiritual Weight Loss