“Spiritual warrior” is normally used in Buddhism to refer a person who fights against the universal enemy called – Self-ignorance. According to Buddhist philosophy, self-ignorance is the crucial source for all the sufferings. Unlike other paths that usually focus on personal salvation, the aim of a spiritual warrior is to help fellow beings with wisdom in a compassionate manner. Regardless of whether an individual is a man or a woman, nurturing the way of the spiritual warrior means offering great service to everyone.

How to invoke the spiritual warrior energy within you?

way of the spiritual warrior
way of the spiritual warrior

If you really want to be contented in life, you have to learn to work with your warrior energy. If you are not able to naturally feel the rise of this passionate and creative yearning on a frequent basis, it means you will have to invoke the spiritual warrior energy within you by indulging in activities that activate adrenaline. Well, it could be participating in unique sports like martial arts for instance. You can do something like mountain climbing provided you are young and fit. On the other hand, if you are old and not very agile, nothing can stop you either; you can go for a power walk amidst nature. All you need to do is get your lungs and heart pumping. As and when the energy is flowing, you will certainly feel it! The warrior energy is the kind of energy that will make you jump, leap, scream and shout. You can also feel it through spiritual warrior quotes or a spiritual warrior book.

On the way of spiritual warrior you feel this energy arising, the most important point is not to deny it but to identify a positive channel to express it completely. You should allow the energy to flow through, however, in a connected manner. You should ‘open the internal channel’ through which the energy is directed by feeling it as well as working with it.

The signs of a Spiritual Leader

spiritual warrior book
spiritual warrior book

The eyes of a spiritual warrior have seen it all: success and failure, pleasure and pain. Spiritual warriors have gone through many challenges yet nothing could stop them and they have never given in. if you look into the eyes of such a spiritual warrior, you can see elements of earth shattering experience that is most humbly expressed by a strong sense of self belief. This is certainly not something that springs up overnight. It arises from persistence and patience. This warrior energy is something that all of you carry in abundance at a soul level.

How to harness the spiritual warrior energy?

First, invoke it. If you find it difficult to raise the warrior in you and you feel the creative elements are lacking in you, watch for any faint rising of passion and bring your attention to it. Do whatever creates that feeling of powerful invigoration. Read spiritual stories.

Unleash the energy. Find a way of letting out the energy; however, don’t direct it at any anyone who isn’t a willing facilitator.

Control it. The important aspect is not to get lost in that energy. Don’t allow it to control you. You feel it, however, contain it using your consciousness. You can do so by experience.

Channel the energy. Look for constructive ways to channelize the warrior energy. It could be some challenging action that needs courage and commitment.

Master it. The spiritual warrior spirit is something that needs a lot of attention and care in order to master it. Work to exploit it productively so that it works ingeniously for you by means of everyday events of your life.

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