It is human nature to seek love. As humans, all our actions are targeted towards one thing that is love. We do stupid things, heroic things, self-Spiritual Lovedefeating things, hurtful things, kind things, and passionate things. However, we do all this to get human love and this love is encased within a set of rules and ideals which more or less prohibits unconditional love. Then, where should we go or what should we do to get or find unconditional love? What do we seek or where do we go whenever we feel unloved, lonely, insulted, hurt or rejected? Well, the answer to all your questions is spiritual love!

Spiritual love is present always and everywhere. It is eternal, infinite and unlimited. Plus, it doesn’t matter whether you are in a romantic relationship or you have a family or you have good friends to share the love with. Spiritual love is within you. It is all about you loving yourself without any rules or conditions, openly and purely. Whenever you are looking for unconditional and the best form of love, spiritual love is the answer. It is easily and readily accessible to anyone, at any time, at any place and in any circumstance. This supreme love is unconditional, pure, all-encompassing, eternal, and you can never be hurt or rejected by it. Spiritual love quotes describe the feeling in a superb manner.

So, how can you access the abundant spiritual love that is in fact the source of every creation?

The very source of spiritual love lies within you! It sounds ironic, doesn’t it? – The search for real spiritual love? It sounds paradoxical because you and each one of us ARE love! We all arose from pure, unconditional love and are part of the single source energy that created us – you may call the source as God, Source, Consciousness, etc. You are Love! Therefore, your burning desire for love is a desire to find yourself and get hold of the love that already exists there! On the whole, you are seeking yourself!

One question that keeps lingering in most of us is how to find spiritual love that is within ourselves when we totally feel lonely otherwise or how to find this love when we feel unworthy of love or unlovable.

First, give love. You are an endless source of love. Demonstrate that love through spiritual love poems and allow it to pour out of you through small yet profoundly meaningful acts to establish spiritual love connection.

See love everywhere and spiritual awakening will take place. As it is always said, we become what we believe and what we see. Opt to see love in all places and within everyone. Even if you are not able to realize it, introduce it with the help of your own thoughts, words and deeds. You can find it in spiritual quotes on love.  

Be yourself. You are gifted with amazing talents that need to be expressed as one way of showing love. If you are an artist, draw or paint a beautiful picture. If you have not explored your talents and you are a lost soul, just meditate and listen to what your intuition says. Merely do what feels good and don’t forget to share it. If you don’t share your talents, it is similar to keeping all your love to yourself. You can become a spiritual advisor to spread love.  

To open the door to the massive spiritual love, you should ‘be love.’ You will soon realize that you are an endless source of love and you will never have the feeling of lack of love again in life. When you find spiritual love, it is similar to bringing light into a dark room. The dark room can be compared to the dark corners of your existence – anger, hurt, guild, sadness, fear, shame, etc. The light or the spiritual love starts shining in every corner. And, it is not done by effort or force but joyfully and effortlessly. The light of spiritual love fills all the dark corners and expels the darkness!

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