Since time immemorial, people have always admired things they really could not explain and referred to them as ‘miracles.’ Long time ago, people could see Auras or what can be connected to spiritual images. Much advanced spiritual people like the Buddha, Christ, Saibaba, and Guru Nanak were painted with spreading golden haloes around their heads by their immediate students. This was because a few artists were actually able to see Auras!

What is the Aura?

Experts believe that in the universe almost everything is likely to be merely a vibration. The same thing holds good for every atom, every

spiritual background images
spiritual background images

electron, and even our consciousness, spiritual warfare images, spiritual background images, spiritual images of love and thoughts. Therefore, aura can be defined as an object’s electro-photonic vibration response to external excitation. The most significant property of these images spiritual seems to be the fact that it holds the information about the object or person.

What does an aura convey?

The intensity and the color of the aura, particularly around and above one’s head have special meanings in spiritual terms. By watching the aura of someone, you are actually seeing the thoughts of the other person even before you hear the person express it verbally. Sometimes the aura and what the person is saying are disagreeable; in that case, you are seeing a lie every time. If you can see auras, no one can lie to you without being detected. One cannot fake these free spiritual images. It reveals the intentions and true nature for everyone to see.

Aura is a person’s spiritual signature. When a person has a bright, clean aura, the person has good thoughts and is spiritually advanced irrespective of whether that person is aware of it or not. On the other hand, if you see a person with dark or gray aura, the person has bad intentions no matter how eloquent, educated, impressive, well dressed, or good looking a person appears to be.


spiritual images of love
spiritual images of love

It is highly mandatory to check the aura of a religious leader, spiritual master, spiritual guide, spiritual healer, or a spiritual guru to get spiritual guidance. Such individuals must have a well defined yellow-golden halo surrounding their head. Everyone has a spiritual image or aura. However, most of the people on earth have very dull and weak auras. This is due to their attitude of negating and suppressing the development of their consciousness and cultivating envy, fear, jealousy and other similar emotions. These kinds of attitudes suppress their real nature and therefore, their auras tend to become suppressed as well.

Spiritual symbols

There is yet another perspective to spiritual images. Spiritual pictures can also be interpreted as spiritual symbols that have been used throughout ages and in various cultures until today. Some of these include mandalas, angels, Om symbol, cross, Celtic cross, Isis, Buddha, Star of David, tarot cards, pictures of ascended masters, amulets, and necklaces.

Spiritual images and symbols communicate to us at a much deeper level than we think at a conscious level. These pictures and symbols assist and support us to hold our faith at times of sorrow and help us hold onto our vision during times of growth. Spiritual images, symbols and artwork have been used since the dawn of time for man to link himself to the higher spiritual world. 

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