This list of spiritual gifts is meant to help people feel better about their existence and live better lives. These gifts provide hope, insight, relaxation,

Spiritual Gift
Spiritual Gift

and comfort to people from all walks of life and regardless of their faith. There are many spiritual gifts. Discussed below are some of the important ones.

Mediums – Mediums present messages from the afterlife. The major objective of a medium is to provide proof for the continued existence of the human personality even after death as well as to help the bereaved accept the loss. Many people think that sittings with mediums are for fortune telling; however, they are experimental sessions that prove survival after death. Any kind of attempt to communicate with the Spirit is purely experimental and hence, results are not guaranteed. People who are blessed with spiritual gifts can act as a medium and communicate a message or rather a word of hope from those that have crossed over. They almost serve like a bridge to the other side of life.  

Clairvoyance – Clairvoyance is the innate ability to visualize images that are invisible to the naked eye in one’s mind. ‘Clair’ means clear and ‘voyance’ means seeing. The images may be scenes either from the past or the future. People who experience spiritual love and clairvoyance are called clairvoyants. A few clairvoyants can also see the colours of the “auras”, that is, the patterns of energy that surround people’s bodies!

Clairaudience – Clairaudience is the gift to “hear” voices or sounds that are not audible to other people! Several clairaudients known as “mediums” tend to receive verbal messages either from deceased persons or Spirits. Well, Clairsentience is a unique ability of spiritual awakening to “feel” the emotional energies or sensations that cannot be noticed by others. People with this ability may be spiritual healers or psychic healers.

Channeling – Channeler is a spiritual advisor that write the information (automatic writing) from the spirit realm or allow a voice to speak through them, thereby serving as a ‘channel’.

Tarot card reading – Tarot card readers use their intuition to understand the “spread” of Tarot cards and give spiritual guidance by conveying what is going to happen in the future with regards to a particular person, place or event.

Psychics – Psychics are well aware of the things that one cannot perceive using the five physical senses. They are believed to have a “sixth sense,” often called ESP or “extra sensory perception” or merely “intuition”. There are different types of psychic “sensings” akin to hearing, seeing, and feeling spiritual thoughts.

Often, people confuse between psychic gifts and spiritual gifts. However, ‘Psychic’ is the foundation of knowledge whereas ‘Spiritual’ is the filler as well as the cream.

Being Psychic is a gift provided to everyone.  However, being Spiritual is a much higher vibration of psychic and is reserved only for those people that do good to others in this world.  Anyone who uses this list of spiritual gifts to help others will feel really amazing. What is put out there is what is received back. So, people should use their spiritual gifts to help humanity to get more and more gifts of spiritual nature.

Spiritual Gifts List