More and more folks are awakening in a spiritual way and are craving for more than is present in this materialistic world.

The following list is compiled on the basis of observing folks moving towards the path of spiritual enlightenment.

  • A growth in happenings—(there is no thing called coincidence) a growth in psychic, mediumistic, visionary and emotional skills.
  • Intense sensitivity to ill energy around particular folks or atmospheres.
  • A wish to ‘find yourself’, change your social community, attitude, employment etc. Abrupt extreme sensitivity to folks or hordes are other
    Spiritual Enlightenment

    symptoms of spiritual awakening. You can observe that your once outgoing nature abruptly fades away and you simply cannot afford to be with specific friends, family members, fellow workers or teammates.

  • Sudden recognition of repeating layouts or associations—an apparent incapability to bear someone whom you have had an initially loving relationship.
  • Sudden baffling dismay or confusion attacks taking place at any time with no feasible reason. A sensation that something has altered within you is an important sign of spiritual awakening.
  • Intense sensitivity to shopping complexes or jam-packed locations like restaurants, clubs, fests and movie halls.
  • Acute sensitivity to phone or smart phones, laptops, PCs, wireless routers and all kinds of latest technology upgrades, as well as specific kinds of lighting.
  • Passing out for elongated periods of time with an uncontrollable desire to sit and do nothing. (This frequently takes places as a result of our alertness investing growing amount of time in the fourth and fifth ambits.)
  • Changes in levels of your body energy—the desire to relax and sleep for much longer than normal or abrupt insomnia in usually sound sleepers are the physical symptoms of spiritual awakening.
  • Falling asleep and then getting up in the middle of the night at or around the similar time, feeling wide conscious and requiring being up, and strangely not being fatigued the next day anticipated. (This is a symbol of your alertness complying with fresh cycles of involvement.)
  • Odd electrical power progressing through the human body or body parts such as legs or arms. (This is caused by the heightened densities from the Galactic centre immersing the earth. These energies help in the procedure of rewiring the physical and light-body so as to support raised vibrating energies.) This is something that explains the spirituality definition. 
  • A whole gamut of physical feelings caused by sudden withdrawal as the body progresses to discharge years of physical, karmic, intuitive, and mental toxic waste, producing signals of spiritual awakening: excess thirst, stomach upsets, incorporating pains, headaches, particularly at the bottom of skull and severe headaches over the crown and in a single or both eyes, body muscle, neck and pain in shoulder.
  • Giddiness, balance issues and feeling crazy (boosted by being in raised states of alertness) are signs of gaining spiritual health.

    Spiritual Awakening
  • Increased appetite, either gaining weight, maintaining it or losing it regardless of how much or little you have. (This is due to the fact that body requires big amounts of fuel for the procedure of moving from the third to fifth dimensional density.)
  • Abrupt longings for food and drinks you have not desired or consumed for years or from childhood. (This aids us to discharge memories of saved trauma, or attaches us to a cordial memory which builds a short-lived in our alertness to allow a release to happen.)

Therefore it is very essential to take good care of yourself as well as those around you, be generous and pay focus to building a move in toxic situations and relationships.

Spiritual Enlightenment: Wake Up To Your Higher Self And Get Ready To Fly