Spiritual awakening depression of all types and different degrees is at present affecting people of all age groups. In fact, even people who are on a spiritual path are not resistant to this disorder. Well, many people that start their own path of self inquiry and want to deliberately reconnect with the Spirit often get depressed when life continuously sends them life changing or emotional ‘curve balls’.

spiritual causes of depression 

Unluckily, many people believe that if they connect themselves to the Spirit and do everything in the right way and constantly try to improve

spiritual depression symptoms
spiritual depression symptoms


their human nature, it is sufficient to safeguard themselves from the ups and down of life, especially on an emotional level. Therefore, spiritual causes of depression sets within an individual when he or she realizes that life is beyond the control of applying ‘practices’ of any sort, be it through mental, physical or spiritual experience. There begins the delusion of separation from love and life and the belief that something is wrong with what they are doing or they do not deserve the love and peace they have been assured through their various modalities or activities.

The unique energetic pattern of depression, though it is innate and stored in the DNA unconsciously or is likely to be a hormonal/chemical imbalance, the origin of all kinds of depression is produced from the base of self judgment – the most devastating and destructive forces lying within our humanity! The judgments and expectations placed upon us by our own ego, our society and our families present before each of us the massive challenge of keeping our self worth and at the same time trying to be all that we can be or even worse, who we are inferred to be from the perspective of others as well as ourselves.

Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual Awakening

Moreover, the harder we force ourselves to live up to these unnatural expectations, the deeper into the well of despair and disappointment we fall because of depression spiritual awakening. Consequently, we are disconnected from the inner guidance and intuition of our soul, the very foundations of our Godly or divine intelligence and the true direction. Life, eventually, becomes pointless and joyless and a peculiar sense of alienation and homesickness that is unexplainable is created; we start judging and controlling our emotions. Therefore, through spiritual depressions symptoms like inner conflict and judgment, an incessant cycle of negative emotions and feelings begin to take control of us. Fortunately spiritual help for depression is available.   

Spiritual guides and healers can help us overcome this spiritual depression by using spiritual cleansing and reminding us about the power and beauty of our soul’s feelings and mind’s emotions and make us understand that being a true human being is to master spirituality. Spiritual awakening symptoms may also impart us knowledge that many spiritual beliefs are still being steeped in judgements of separation and fear including: spiritual protection is essential to keep evil away; the only way to become whole is spiritual ascension; because humans are less than God, there are life lessons for them. However, in truth:

  • You are pure love at your core; or, you cannot exist.
  • This human experience is chosen by you to help you in your own evolution as well as that of God’s.
  • You are a distinct element within the ‘web’ of life and nothing can exist without you. You are perhaps a Universal Blessing!
  • Another great way of overcoming spiritual depression is listening to our guided meditations
Spiritual Depression