spiritual awakening
Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening is a process of remarkable inner change that a few people go through where their whole being, consciousness and perceptive abilities just ascend to another ‘higher level’ of awareness and energy. The experience will be profound and a little disturbing with little or no control. Most often, they have no idea of what is actually happening to them. There are several spiritual awakening quotes that explain the process in quite depth.  


Spiritual awakening symptoms can be best described as a form of disconnection from the normal reality, that is, a totally different sense of ‘self’. One might feel like being in another time or place. There is a sudden feeling of having connected to other lives and the universe. On the whole, it is like an ‘out of the world’ experience. The person can feel the psychic senses working overtime and gain the ability to tune into the feelings and emotions of other people. There is a considerable change in sleep patterns and random surges of emotions that are unexplainable.  Energy levels of the persons experiencing spiritual awakening signs vary. After the process, they are usually tired and have warm or tingling palms and feet. The heart palpitations can be felt and some even experience shivers down the back. Most people sense unusual synchronicities and go through paranormal events like objects moving or lights flashing!


The most common cause for a spiritual awakening is a soul-level deep personal experience; generally a great loss, near death experience or a deep soul connection, sometimes a combination of all these. 


Spiritual Awakening Buddha
Spiritual Awakening Buddha

A spiritual awakening alters the energy levels within all the chakras. So, all sensations, emotions and awareness rise above to a higher and more intense state. Besides, during the process, the psychic-intuitive sense also opens to new levels. You can even consult a spiritual advisor to know more about the process.  

Why the sudden transition happens…

Everything in nature has seasons; similarly, there are seasons of progression within the soul. A spiritual awakening happens when the soul, the seven chakras, rapidly transcend from one state of awareness, being, level and power to another. Ultimately, the feeling of “being me” changes! And, pretty obviously, that is why spiritual awakening is such a marvelously powerful and more of a confusing experience. This change literally rocks our world as we find it challenging to understand why all on a sudden we feel we are someone else or we try to reconnect with how we felt. These considerable changes happen for a reason and are most probably linked to a time when our soul steps into a new phase of purpose.

Not all the spiritual awakenings are the same. A few come in several smaller stages generally separated by years. What is discussed here is the significant signs of spiritual awakening that comes suddenly and ‘all at once’ and signifies the biggest challenge as the transition is really huge!

Coming to the duration of the process, there are several stages and they normally don’t have a well defined timing. It basically depends on how the person manages the process. Sometimes, the individual has the option to work with someone who can help manage the process and makes the transition much quicker, easier, and less traumatic.

Spiritual Awakening