One of the greatest journeys a person can undertake, of course, is the spiritual journey. It is the search for spiritual knowledge. A spiritual

Spiritual Advisor
Spiritual Advisor

advisor or guide is the person that helps you stay in the discovery process of spirituality, that is, in the art of practicing spirituality that balances human successes and expressions. This act brings you abiding peace freely flowing from your source, an awesome awareness of the spirit. It helps you achieve success is your aims, enrich your lives in all aspects, cultivate angelic qualities such as generosity, kindness, compassion, empathy, intuition, modesty and being in line with the whole. This human bridge really brings much more; it depends on how far you wish to travel and how willing you are to be at your best self. The key role of a spiritual advisor is to help you to be in your best self. Besides, you also get abundance of life guidance.

Well, what is a spiritual advisor? A spiritual advisor or teacher is like a mountain guide who takes you up the higher mountains of spiritual experience and perception while leading you gently through the valleys of mundane human life. Proper spiritual guidance covers both the worlds: the sensual, physical world as well as the invisible, spiritual universe! In simple words, earth and heaven. A spiritual advisor helps you experience your spiritual powers and identity while living a normal human life.

In fact, a spiritual guide works together on levels that are most comfortable to you. It may include devotional or emotional, metaphysical or intellectual knowledge, through subtle energetic transmission or psychically via channels of the higher powers of the soul. In the spiritual journey, all these approaches are open to you.

How to identify a true spiritual advisor?

A true teacher does not need material things. He/she is never egotistical. Genuine and real spiritual advisors are completely ‘enlightened’ and are aware of the true nature of reality. They teach you and train you about the various levels of consciousness as they have spent many years on their own spiritual growth and so they exhibit great awareness. They are a spiritual healer. They can help cure spiritual depression.

Reliable and genuine teachers always wish to enlighten you. They never want you to be dependent. Besides, they don’t rule or control you. A true spiritual teacher approaches you in a different way unlike the cult, self-appointed teacher. Real teachers tell you exactly what to do as well as what to avoid. He/she want you to grow yourself in spirituality naturally. He would have received significant spiritual gifts list.

Characteristics of a real spiritual advisor

  • spiritual awakening
    Spiritual Awakening

    They are full of spiritual love.

  • They are completely selfless.
  • They have undergone extensive training and practice.
  • They respect their students and never take advantage of their inadequacies.
  • They are free of attachments.
  • They live a life of integrity; their actions are in line with their words.
  • They never create dependency.
  • They have dedicated their entire lives to serving others.
  • They never ask for money for their needs.
  • They never portray themselves as saviors or prophets.
  • They are honest and are interested only in giving and not taking.
  • They have produced a lot of good teachers.


If you want to know how to become a spiritual advisor, you should seek spirituality from within and be guided by a real spiritual advisor who has undergone spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Advisor