Meditation Techniques

Meditation is a way to separate yourself from the 3-D world and start interaction with the high spheres of Heaven of the world of spirits. The idea of meditation is to find our real selves—a spiritual being living in physical body; and feel real joy by experiencing independence from the limitations of this physical world. As the old adage says, “The act of discovering your true self is the purpose of meditation.

While we are residing in the materialistic world, we tend to overlook that we are importantly spiritual beings whole true home is the world of the spirits. When we turn dowsed in the worldly values of the third dimension, our brains get hazy and our physical body also slowly feels more and more tired. The key to simplifying this tiredness is to offer the soul with an opportunity to spiritually revamp with heaven’s light. So as to do this, we require to momentarily un-attach our three-dimensional alertness and through correct focus, attach with the Heavenly Sphere. The soul can preserve its intuitive energy by getting the light of God (Buddha) via right meditation exercises.

How to prepare yourself for mindfulness meditation

Before stepping in a meditative state, it is essential to keep our mind comfortable. If we begin practicing mental alertness without relaxing the vibrations of the mind, this might lead to the custody of stray spirits. Importantly, before we are capable to get in touch with the Spirit World, the door to our unconscious requirements to be open and for this to take place we have to slowly quiet the surface alertness. When the door of the unconscious is open, based on the state of mind, there is the probability of contacting not heaven but hell rather. Those who always live in a friendly way, who attempt to have good thoughts and perform good deeds, can effortlessly begin contacting their ward and guiding spirits as early as they quiet the surface alertness. However those who have some good thoughts and barely ever attempt to perform good things are very likely to come beneath ill spiritual impacts. Hence discovery of the right mind is necessary for right guided meditation. Self-reflection trained on a routine basis aids us to maintain the Right Mind as well as ready it for meditation. As regards to your atmosphere in which to meditate, how to meditate, it is essential to select a silent place, where you will not be disrupted by worldly vibrations. The perfect places for mindfulness exercises are the places that are friendly and silent environments, but also because they are spiritually secured.

Meditation is the powerful source of spiritual energy

Mindfulness Exercises


Meditation techniques are not present just for the sake of it. By practicing meditation we are given the opportunity to get in touch with the world from which we spring up and take a look into a perfect world. At the time of meditation, we get light from the other world via our brother or sister souls or from more modern guiding spirits, hence we can turn it into a source of energy, a source of power for our routine life, and an origin of intellect to soften our issues. Via meditation, we can consistently correct the path of our lives and obtain a revamped zeal for living, which we will be capable to utilize as the strength to spread goodness across the world. This is the power of meditation and meditation exercises performed by us on this earthly planet.

Meditation Exercises: A Great Way To Interact With The Spirit World & Catch Up With Your True Self