The moon

Hi, Beautiful Soul!

I am Preshanna. With a decade of expertise as an Energetic Massage Therapist, I decided to pave a new path. Additionally, with almost fifteen years of dedication to shamanism, energy healing, chakra and kundalini activation, moon manifestation, and sacred witchcraft, I have successfully healed various ailments and illnesses throughout the years. My extensive background in these practices empowers me to bring effective and holistic healing to those in need.

One of the things that keeps me busy every day is the influence of the moon. As a child I was a true ‘Look, the moon!’ child. Fascinated by the feeling that the different lunations have always given me, I have started to delve more and more into aligning with the moon’s energy.

My Connection with the Moon

Today, I have been engaged in moon manifestation for nearly nine years. The lunar phases carry a magical feminine energy and is connected to our feelings and emotions. By tuning into this energy you start embodying your inner goddess. This also strengthens your healing gifts, your intuition and your magnetic power.

On my website and social media, I mainly write content about the lunar energy, my spiritual path, powerful celestial shifts and other spiritual topics related to the Sacred Feminine energy. The moon and our feminine power give us the opportunity to experience more positive synchronicity, growth and bliss.

Sharing my Moon Wisdom

My connection with the moon magnified my magnetism. My manifestations came in more quickly, because this energetic alignment shifted me into a higher frequency. You now have the option to access and download my FREE complimentary printables — worksheets designed to assist you in harnessing the power of the moon to manifest your heart’s desires! In addition, it will soon be possible to learn how to align your energy to our nightlight and how to manifest effortlessly using the four phases through my Moon Manifestation Guide, which will soon be available for purchase.

My goal is to show you that a deep connection with nature, the heavenly bodies and our inner Light greatly increases the feeling of bliss within ourselves.

Take a look at my website or connect directly via my IG @iampreshanna.

Much love and blessings,

Preshanna — soul shaman